What Is Yellow Borneo Kratom?


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Many of you must have heard the name ‘Yellow Borneo Kratom.’ Today, we will be discussing this strain in this post. Before that ‘how much you know about the strain,’ ‘from where did the yellow vein kratom strain come.’ It was right around here – we didn’t notice it earlier. So far, the kratom marketing revolves mainly around the three prime strains – red, white, and green, which is why the Yellow-vein kratom went unnoticed.

Don’t worry, today we will share you everything that you need to know about Yellow Borneo Kratom but before that let’s dig a little deeper and find out what yellow-vein kratom is.

What Is Yellow Vein Kratom?

One commonly hears about the red, green, and white strain kratom, but the yellow strain is very rare to hear. However, recently yellow vein kratom has gained quite a popularity in the kratom community worldwide. Many rumors are revolving around the strain. Moreover, all these years, the cultivators have maintained secrecy regarding this strain. All these have made yellow vein kratom a very mysterious and rare kratom variant. In general, the yellow vein kratom is prepared either from the red-vein or the white vein kratom.

Yellow Borneo Kratom

Borneo is one of the most reputed strains of yellow kratom. The variant is specially prepared from the kratom leaves of the Borneo plants growing in the northern region of Borneo.

Each of the kratom vendors has a unique manufacturing process for creating this fantastic Yellow Borneo Kratom strain. While one prefers red vein, Borneo leaves for making this kratom strain, others may prefer white vein. For this reason, Yellow Borneo kratom vary a lot from one vendor to another. Again, they may have some particular manufacturing procedure with different drying time-limits, processes for creating this fantastic product.

If you are interested in trying this mysterious yellow vein kratom strain, then continue reading this post as we are going to disclose the best kratom vendor offering 100% pure and organic Yellow Borneo Kratom both in powder and capsule forms.

Krave Kratom Yellow Borneo by Krave Botanicals

Your hunt for the best Yellow Borneo Kratom ends right here! We got you the best kratom vendor in the market who has an excellent reputation for providing you the best and most pure kratom prepared organically; Krave Botanicals.

They use tender kratom leaves from red-veined Borneo kratom plants for their unique manufacturing process. They got a talented team of professionals who handpick the best-suitable leaves for the procedure. The leaves are manually checked and cleaned with lukewarm water to remove any stem, bad leaf and finally dirt. They dehydrate the leaves for an extra-long time that gives it the characteristic yellow tint and unique biochemical composition. Finally, it is powdered into fine dust, then it is either encapsulated or directly packed as powder. You can get Krave Kratom Yellow Borneo Capsules and Powder in the following volume options:

Kratom Yellow Borneo Powder

60 grams for $24.99

120 grams for $39.99

250 grams for $69.99

Kratom Yellow Borneo Capsules

30 capsules for $15.99

75 capsules for $29.99

150 capsules for $49.99

300 capsules for $69.99

500 capsules for $99.99

You will also get free shipping on all your Krave Kratom purchase. So, what are you waiting for? Experience the rare strain of Yellow Borneo Kratom with Krave Botanicals. Order now

For more details, visit www.kravekratom.com now!


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