Atletico closed out in the 76th time


Date & time Jul 5 '16
New York
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Atletico closed out in the 76th time, Oliver sent immediate, geliziman little place taken to Fifa Coins the rest of the region of the closed place won. Finally Atletico The place beat Granada 2:0, sheets and conditions Hord designed four following Group.

After only 3 minutes of the affiliate, Lattice Boltzmann had closed out the chance. Going to Resistance seems to be mistake, fifa 16 gold money buy griezmann single rod power in the price place was saved, Carrasco’s taken excellent over the bar. Oliver 62 minutes long taken was saved, 73 minutes geliziman the box top right-foot taken excellent over the bar, consequently personalized by Atletico’s Fernando Torres Oliver.

At 78 minutes, Atletico skipped again. In set-piece strike, Godin’s details hit the right aspect of one aspect after the post. Then geliziman mixture from the right, Godin after efficient details a bit. 85 minutes after Torres cut inside down the rest of the region of the price place hug the football of his right legs taken shifting gateways, Carrasco after A time or so the right mixture, Cork for making extensive of the right post. Final Atletico 1:0 win over The country who still drawbacks with 4 reasons for Spain's capital.


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