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Astronomy-related news hardly gets noticed in the headlines of newspapers, banner stories on television and radio and Internet updates. That is because Leadership Techniques For Anyone: How Kermit Shared Five Leadership Secrets With The World news editors think that it wouldn't be of great interest to readers and audiences.

On the contrary, people are so eager to know the latest developments and news updates linked to astronomy. This type of news How To Establish Work And Business At Home And Make A Living is more interesting and amazing than the regular news about inflation, politics and terrorism.

Man-made calamities, hurricanes, oil price increases, economic data, politics and terrorism are the common topics of hot news items featured by the media. Editors argue that these subjects are timely and relevant.

But did you know that news about astronomy are also timely and relevant? Everyday, there are different astronomical developments that deserve to be featured.

Everyday, there are new stars discovered, there are meteors entering the earth's atmosphere, there are comets that are being observed, galaxy collisions, new planets in other star systems being discovered, or seeing further into the universe with Hubble and other space telescopes.

Sight Seeing

Moreover, news about astronomy hits the airwaves and newspaper Energy Social Media and the Smart Grid headlines whenever there are opportunities to witness spectacular celestial phenomena. For example, meteor showers are getting special treatment because people want to see natural fireworks..

Eclipses are among the most interesting astronomy news subjects. Once in a while, there are solar eclipses that are observed in parts of the world. People are Get Into A Facial Care Regimen: Taking Care Of Your Face so excited whenever there are solar eclipses because, as they say, it is bizarre to The Purpose of a Goal Oriented Web Design have a short period of night during daytime.

Lunar eclipses are also among the astronomy fans favorites. Though, this type of eclipse has no direct effect on the planet, the sights it creates is truly spectacular. Thus, astronomical institutions constantly release advisories How You Can Reap Instant Profit From Instant Profit WebSites whenever lunar and solar eclipses are expected to occur.

The moon is one of the most popular subjects of astronomy-related news. That is because the moon is the most visible among all the heavenly bodies How Does Maximuscle Cyclone Work outside the earth. Its relatively short distance form the planet also makes it more luminous especially at night.

Since men set foot on the surface of the moon decades ago, people have looked at the moon in an entirely different light. Astronomy news wouldn't have been put into the limelight if that giant step for mankind wasn't attained.

The moon is also a constant source of astronomy news. Tides that affect the depth of waters around the world are influenced by the Wholesale Shirts Trade moon's gravitational pull on the surface of the earth. Fishermen and people living near the shores need to be constantly informed about when there will be high or low tides.


Astronomy news could also be a source of fear, if news editors are looking for hot news items to sensationalize. The catastrophic experience made by terrorist attacks in some parts of the world would be dwarfed by news about a comet or asteroid colliding with the earth.

Now how could terrorists match that? Remember, a collision with a giant asteroid 65 million of years ago wiped out the dinosaurs. A similar collision would certainly be detrimental to mankind.

Every year, thousands of meteorites fall to earth. They don't create huge craters because they're too small. But meteorite To Buy Twitter Followers or Not: Is it Worth It? hunters do scavenge for them as they can be worth quite a bit of money!

Where To Get Astronomy News

Fortunately, there are Web sites that are specifically dedicated gttjjnyh to astronomy news. In newspapers, there are sometimes sections allotted to science news. There Business Phone Answering Services: A Smart Move For Sales Organizations are also columns of scientists and astronomers that are sometimes given space in magazines.

The television will always feature astronomy related news when they need space fillers. Whenever there are interesting heavenly occurrences happening and expected to happen, TV crews will surely be where the action is.

News about astronomy should be given more focus.

Gary has a section about the Moon on his amateur astronomy website, the Night Sky Observer. He is also the author of LunarPhase Pro a Moon astronomy software package that includes an interactive atlas of the moon.,

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