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It is 1980 and the USS Nimitz puts to sea off of Pearl Harbor for routine exercises. After encountering a strange storm and losing all contact with the US Pacific Fleet, nuclear war with the Soviet Union is assumed and the USS Nimitz arms herself for battle. However, after encountering Japanese Zero scout planes and finding Pearl Harbor filled with pre-World War II battleships, it is realized that the storm the Nimitz went through caused the ship to travel back in time: to December 6th, 1941. A modern aircraft carrier is thrown back in time to 1941 near Hawaii, just hours before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. *mild spoilers ahead*

This film is still enjoyable twenty years after I first saw it in the cinema. It's wildly fantastical, often cheesy and in parts plain dumb, but I still feel affectionate towards it and probably always will. The USS Nimitz (not a very old carrier at the time the film was made) gets to go back to 6 December 1941, meet up with the Japanese fleet – and wonder what to do about it. Do they bomb the kerblooey out of the Japanese attack and save Pearl Harbor, or do they sit on their hands and let history play out? You can probably work it out right now, but that's not the real heart of the film. Of course, if they had saved Pearl, we wouldn't have had Ben Affleck inflicted on us two years ago, but you can't have everything. And interestingly, if they had prevented the battleships from being destroyed, the post-war dominance of the American carriers might not have happened – and there may have been no Nimitz anyway. Paradoxes galore.

What The Final Countdown is all about is cheering for US Naval aviation, and the film delivers the rah-rah stuff in spades, to the accompaniment of some pretty corny music, but who cares. It's fun seeing two F-14s razzing all over a couple of Japanese Zeros, and I for one always let out a chuckle when Captain Yelland mutters "little bastard" as the Zero pilot is taken in for interrogation.

The pacing is good, the whiz-bang-look-at-our-toys stuff works well, and the acting is well, adequate for the most part. Good to see Kirk Douglas as a suitably austere and gruff skipper, and Martin Sheen has a nice turn as the civilian analyst playing exposition fairy for most of the plot. James Farentino, Charles Durning and Katharine Ross round out the supporting cast, but the best actor of all is the USS Nimitz, which despite the hokey special effects, looks like the classy lady she always has been. A deck full of Tomcats, Intruders and Corsairs – those were the days.

A far better tilt at the world of naval aviation than Top Gun ever will be. My sincerest apologies for the inevitable song lyrics in the comment's subject line, but one simply cannot resist secretly singing the cheesy rock-classic by Europe when reading the words "final" and "countdown". The film is hardly to blame for this, though, as it predates the song with at least five years. Anyways, "The Final Countdown" is a movie that I had laying around on DVD for several years already, but I always delayed my viewing due to the incredibly grotesque and implausible time-traveling plot description. I need to be in a certain light-headed and tolerant mood to watch a film about an entire aircraft carrier (we're talking about a massive warship with a full-length flight deck here) that gets sucked trough a time-warp and ends up near Pearl Harbor on the 6th of December 1941, merely hours before the Japanese surprise attack that led the United Stated into World War II. Before properly realizing – and believing – what exactly happened, Captain Yelland and his crew have to decide whether or not they will prevent the attack and thus drastically alter the course of history. Admittedly, the elaboration of this crazed concept was a lot more realistic and compelling than I expected, but it does of course remain a hypothetical Sci-Fi movie. The script obviously features paradoxes that are big enough to fit a few more aircraft carriers and the climax *** additional spoiler alert *** is a rather cowardly letdown, since director Don Taylor and the four-headed crew of authors retreated from the change-history plot possibilities. Instead of coming up with a few courageous and innovative plot twists, they apparently preferred to use "The Final Countdown" as a publicity flick to promote the Navy! There's a lot of padding footage of planes taking off, cruising through the skies and landing on the impressive USS Nimitz. Perhaps the film crew was only allowed to use the ship if they included appealing and proudly patriotic images? The acting performances are – in sheer contrast to the plot – dead serious, straight-faced and very powerful. Kirk Douglas once more represents pure testosterone, while both Martin Sheen and James Farentino give away integer performances. There are also remarkable supportive roles for Charles Durning (as an ambitious 40's senator), Katherine Ross (as his secretary) and Soon-Tek Oh (as a confused Japanese fighter pilot). It's briefly discussed in the film but it deals with the paradox of time travel itself. How could they go back and prevent the attack on Pearl Harbor? Because if they had done that, then the attack never happened. If it had never happened they wouldn't have needed to try and stop it. Also rescuing Senator Chapman, they saved him from the fate of being strafed and killed by the Zeroes, however he wound up accidentally blowing himself up as a result. Therefore he never lived to be Roosevelt's running mate as he never made it past that day alive. As far as everyone in 1941 was concerned, his yacht sank and he went missing and only those aboard the Nimitz knew what actually happened. Therefore even if one tries to alter history, the paradox of time travel prevents this from happening. No, Japanese mini-subs also attacked Pearl Harbour which would have been more than enough to bring the US into the war. Japan also attacked US territories such as the Philippines, Guam and Wake Island in addition to Pearl Harbour. Also it would only have been the first wave of several airstrikes.


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