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Tang and Qin team up to solve a murder in New York's Chinatown. Here's the imaginatively titled sequel to the 2015 movie. This time the loud, idiotic, blustering (distant) uncle and the stammering brilliant nephew are summoned to New York. There's been a murder, and "Uncle Seven" is offering a huge reward if any of a dozen private detectives can figure out who did it before the police do, and before he dies.

It's a comedy mystery set in New York City, and the mystery is a nicely tangled one that turns into a serial killing, with all the clues properly laid out in front of the movie audience in advance. I was less pleased with the other aspects of the movie -- the comedy bits varied over the shop, with a few gags that worked, but the interactions between the leads not very good; and the geography of New York City in this movie bears as little relationship to the New York I've lived in all my life as.... well, as a typical Hollywood movie set here, which is to say, almost none.

Still, there are enough recurring characters and set-ups that the film-makers clearly have yet another sequel in store. This one looks to be set in Tokyo. This movie is beyond my expectation coz One was a bit disappointing. The location New York is a plus for me and the plot is really funny, sophisticated and attractive. Baobao's acting style is not my type but I respect his effort. There were many familiar faces in the movie who surprised me. Finally, who is Q btw? Even if it's not that funny, Detective Chinatown 2 proves to be snappy and persistent, complementing its bright color palette and energy with basic goals to alternate between silly, dark and slightly clever. a5c7b9f00b

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