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bobgull Feb 16 '16
fifa 16 coins promises a lot with its cries of ‘innovation across the pitch’ and the adverb-challenged slogan of ‘play beautiful’. The early impressions I heard from those who played it at trade shows were that the game was slower and more balanced with increased focus on midfield play. All of this sounded good to me but could they really overhaul the travesty that was last year’s game that quickly? Well, first impressions are that the game is definitely slower which, alone, is a huge improvement. It still feels a little too fast for my liking but so does PES this year and I think both games are actually fairly close to real game speed when you compare after watching a match. Not only does this make everything that bit more realistic but it also means you have a little more time to think and plan your play which results in less desperate sprinting around as you try to avoid losing possession.
It doesn’t take long to realize that the sprint down the pitch and bang it in tactics aren’t going to be as viable this year. It is still possible, but the various changes mean it’s not always going to be the only effective choice. However, ball movement, whilst incredibly realistic, is still limited in that you can’t move it as incredibly slowly as you can in PES. The lightest of taps will always put just a touch more zip on it than you might want, making passing a less varied affair than it should be. (This is on manual which should in theory offer the widest range of options here). EA’s annual FIFA games tend to come in two flavors: the important milestones that introduce a wealth of new gameplay mechanics, and the routine ones that simply tweak a few things here and there and mainly exist to keep the yearly tradition going. fifa 16 xbox 360 coins squarely in the latter category.

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