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Liu Ping
Liu Ping Feb 22 '16
[censored] o dear link builder, you have come to the right place, if you want to find out the proper way for building back links to your Watch for These Points of Difference When You Compare Bank A website. What follows is my four years of experience building links to my web properties with forum profiles, blog commenting e.t.c.

First thing first - why does you website need backlinks? Google is pretty good when it comes to assigning your site to a specific category, based on its content. The problem the search engine faces is that when comparing two website on the same topic, based solely on the content of the website, it can't tell which one is of better quality.

For that it relies on humans to make that distinction and the strongest signal the search engine uses is the number of backlinks pointing to each website. Each link is counted as a vote, so the more votes a website has the better it must be. Of course we can argue all day long whether it is true or not, but that's not the point. The point is - if you want your site to dominate the search engine rankings you need to give Google what they want - backlinks.

Below are my rules I have come up with when it comes to building links to websites to get high rankings in Google

1. Make sure your link building behavior simulates natural link growth. What I mean is, if you have a brand new website what's the chance that overnight people will find it and start linking to it - with a few exceptions - zero. That is why you should start building links slow at first and as time goes by more and more - say 5 links the first day, 10 the second one, 15 the third one e.t.c. If Google decides that the links to your site and the way you have acquired them doesn't look natural Your Suffolk Personal Injury Lawyer Will Take Care Of You your website will have a hard time getting to the top ten results for a particular keyword or set of keywords.

2. Spy on your competition and do what they do, but better. What I mean is - find all the websites that link to the websites that are in top 10 for a particular keyword you are after and try to get a link to your website from them as well. You Mallorca Holidays – List Of 5 Greatest Tourist Destination You Should Visit When On Mallorca Holidays will not succeed all the time, but it is a strategy that works pretty well.

One way to see what websites link to your competitors is to go to and type in (this is the website address of the website you are spying on) and you will be shown 1000 pages that have links to the website in question. The problem with Yahoo is that it shows 1000 results only so what if a website has 10000 links to it? In this case we want to use tools like MajesticSEO; they are not free but as close to free as they can get.

3. When you start building links - make sure you get links from different websites built on different platforms and hosted on different servers with different ip Matamalayong addresses. As I said earlier - we are trying to build links to our website or blog that Treadmill Quantification look natural to the search engines. Getting links from Wordpress blogs only will definitely look unnatural.

You want links from Wordpress blogs, blogger blogs, guest books, article directories and forums. On how to get them - you need to read some of my other articles.

4. Don't build more links that what you need to get to the top ten results. It makes sense - right? We don't want to keep building links to one site for years - we have a life to live.

I do not know about you, but I prefer to see results sooner than later and so do Buy Gold Coins San Francisco: The Best Place To Buy American Gold Coins my SEO clients. Before I enter and niche, what I am looking at is the top ten results in Google for that keyword or set of keywords. I am looking to see if there are Cheap Ugg Boots 1) Have You Ever Your Site Several as Possib any websites with page rank 0 or 1. If I can spot at least one I know I have a fair shot at getting to the first page in Google in a matter of month (given that the competition is within 1,500,000 sites).

Of course, if all How a Debt Management Plan Can Help You the websites in the top 10 are pr 2 and higher won't stop me from entering that niche. It just means that I will need a little more time to get to page one in Google for that particular keyword.

For example - if the website with pr0 is in top 10 for the keyword I am after has 800 links pointing to it and of them say there are 6 links from sites with pr5 and 15 with pr3 and 100 with pr2 I know that if I can build 900 links and match the number of websites with high pr (remember what I said about spying on the competition?)I will be able to get to page one.

As I said earlier - the links to your website should be on different platforms and sites with different ip addresses. My favorite way for getting back links fast is called article marketing - writing and distributing articles to article directories for getting Dentist Brooklyn Sugar Free Foods Can Can Damage Your Teeth both backlinks and traffic to your site or blog.

It can be done manually or it can be automated. If you are just starting out you most likely will need to do it manually - pick 10-20 article directories with high page rank and submit an article to all of them with links pointing back to the website you want to propel in the search engines. Then rinse and repeat and watch your website moving up the rankings.

The articles you publish to each directory should be somehow unique, so IBM bails out struggling South West One venture with £10m l every time you submit them - change the title and the first paragraph a little bit.

If you have some money to spend you should definitely consider buying an article submission tool - there are many of them out there - some of them better than the others.

In general - they automatically create accounts on thousands of article directories (the one I use creates accounts on 1400 directories), verifies them by login to your email and clicking the activation link, spins the article and submits it to the respective directories. It can also check which directories have published the article (not all directories Shower Spares: Super Quality And Performance In Your Desired Mode will for one reason or another).

From my experience - I usually get about 300 links with every article that I submit. Writing, spinning and submitting the article takes me about 30 minutes, so getting 300 links for 30 minutes of work is pretty sweet, I would say.

Of course, article marketing is not the only way I build links to my money-making websites but is one of the major ones not to mention to fastest one to build a lot of links in a short amount of time..

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