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Liu Ping
Liu Ping Feb 25 '16
What do the CIA and subliminal messages have in common? Is it really possible to influnce someone through subliminal technologies? Find out in this article!

The use of subliminal messages as a form of advertising started with a James Vicary experiment back in 1957. Vicary embedded messages in a film designed to Advantages of Hiring Professional Wedding Planning Services increase the sales of coke and popcorn and showed this film to an unaware cinema audience. According to his own findings the experiment was a great success and sales of the two products rose Secrets Of The Dark: Eclipse Mountain Collector's Edition substantially. However, this study has since been discredited and it is believed that Vicary actually fabricated his own PuppetShow: The Face Of Humanity Collector's Edition findings. Yet, still to this day, this experiment is cited as evidence for the effectiveness of subliminal messages. Although the Vicary experiment does not prove subliminal programming works, there are other studies, by a much more powerful organisation, that might!

William Dawson and other legislators, In Washington D.C., immediately launched a campaign get subliminal messages banned from television and radio broadcasts. Dawson sternly warned that if subliminal messages were used as a political propaganda tool the results could be frightening as they could be used to serve and maintain a form of totalitarian government.

Even though there was no real hard Phenomenon: Outcome Collector's Edition evidence to substantiate any of Dawson's claims the huge and overwhelming public outcry was enough to force the Government into action. At the time, as is still true today, the majority of scientists had well-founded reservations about the effectiveness of subliminal messages; the majorty of people in Indications of The leukemia disease Spotting These people Before It is In its final stages the scientific community hold the belief that they are completely ineffective. Although the Government and the respected scientists of the day did not believe in the effectiveness of subliminal programming and held the view that they were ineffective, the general public were crying out for the banning of them!

This is the official reason behind the USA, British and Australian Governments decision to ban the Witches' Legacy: The Ties That Bind Collector's Edition use of subliminal advertising on television and radio? Now at the same time that the debate over banning subliminals was raging and the scientific community was officially denying that subliminal messages were effective another powerful group had decided to investigate the phenomenon for themselves. They had a very different reason for wanted to find out if subliminal messages could be used to influence the minds and behaviours Matamalayong of people!

During the raging Brake Repair - Don't Be Ripped Off Because Of Your Gender debate over the effectiveness of subliminal advertising and the outcry for them to be banned the interest of a very powerful covert group was Four Simple Mind Power Techniques sparked. A group that did not have to answer to the public and that had immense, almost inexhaustible, resources at their disposal. This group decided, at this time, to start a full investigation. It is well known that The CIA have always had a keen interest in the research Experts associated with Divinity On the web - A new Gratifying Career of anything that can influence the human mind and their development of mind altering drugs and therapies is well documented. Therefore it should come as no surprise at all to find that they invested a lot of resources, manpower and Nightmare Realm: In The End... Collector's Edition money into studying the subject of subliminal messages as a form of covert persuasion.

In recently released classified documents, now available under The Freedom Of Information Act, we see just how deeply involved and thorough the CIA were in researching the effectiveness of subliminal messages as a means of brain-washing.

Under intense pressure from investigative journalists and Congressional Investigators, the CIA were forced to release a wide variety of documents which included some previous year's copies of their internal journal "Studies in Intelligence". In a 1958 journal CIA investigators reported their initial findings into subliminal persuasion in a report frighteningly titled "The Operational Potential of Subliminal Perception".

In the excellent book by Martin A. Lee, a former agent with the CIA who remains unnamed tells of the CIA's commitment to investigate whether or not subliminal messages could be used to influence the outcome of a political campaign. They were especially interested in using of subliminals in this way on television and radio.

In a January 17th 1958 declassified document, the CIA stated that it might be possible to include a subliminal message such as

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