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phani Feb 13 '18

A network operations center provides an integral element of any organization that uses networked systems of any type. An organization may use in-house personnel or outsource its network operations center (NOC).

Network Operations Center (NOC) : Defined

A network operations center (NOC) houses the equipment and personnel for monitoring a network of computers, mobile devices and Internet of Things devices, aka smart devices. It may also include management of telecommunications and satellites. The latter inclusion are common in the military and GIS and remote sensing businesses. Some organizations operate multiple network operations centers (NOC’s). They may all monitor the same network to provide redundancy, in case one goes down, or each may monitor a part of a large network (a sub net). Many types of organizations operate network operations centers (NOC’s) including: businesses, government agencies, public utilities and universities. Any sized network, whether two or more than 2,000 computers, requires network monitoring by the organization that created it.

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