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brand Jun 26 '18
Environmental experts claim cigarette butts, stock image pictured, contain the same toxins found in cigarettes and cigars Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online, and can contaminate the environment and water sources. They, therefore, also propose a ban on filtered cigarettes. Other proposals include requesting the industry to pay an advanced recycling fee or to take back all discarded tobacco waste products. Stock image pictured The researchers call filtered cigarettes a 'farce' in terms of consumer safety Best Selling Cigarettes, after a recent National Cancer Institute review claimed they are not healthier or safer than non-filtered ones Cheapest Cigarettes In Usa. Novotny and Slaughter, therefore, also propose a ban on filtered cigarettes. 'Tobacco waste products are ubiquitous Cheap Cigarettes Near Me, environmentally hazardous and a significant community nuisance,' said Novotny. 'With two-thirds of all smoked cigarettes, numbering in the trillions globally Order Cigarettes Online, being discarded into the environment each year, it is critical to consider the potential toxicity and remediation of these waste products.'
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