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Panel Saw
Panel Saw Nov 21 '18

A circular Panel Saw is a portable tool designed to make straight or transverse cuts straight or miter in panels and wooden planks. This sheet is valid for portable circular saws powered by an electric motor.

Safety Rules For The Usages Of Panel Saw:

This article shows only the specific safety rules that the operator of this machine must follow in order to use it in a safe way.

The machine should only be used for the purpose for which it was intended and always by authorized personnel trained for its use.

The operator must become familiar with the operation of the machine before using it for the first time. You should know how to quickly stop the engine, the possibilities and limitations of the machine and the mission of the safety devices.

Pay special attention to all the information and warning plates provided on the machine.

The maintenance, repair or any modification of the machine can only be carried out by specialized personnel belonging to the rental company.

Do not use the machine when any anomaly is detected during the daily inspection or during its use. In this case, put the machine out of service and immediately notify the technical service of the rental company.

Verify that the machine does not have obvious structural damage.

Check that the drive switch is working correctly.

Check that the lower guard of the disk is in good condition turns freely and closes instantaneously without touching the disk or other parts of the machine for any angle and depth of cut.

Verify that the separating wedge is in good condition and is correctly positioned.

Verify that the setting of the depth of cut, the tiltable base plate and, if available, the guide for parallel cuts work correctly.

Periodically check that the dust extraction duct and the disc guard are not obstructed.

Check that the motor ventilation openings remain clean.

Check that the electric cable and the plug are in good condition. Verify that the length of the electric cable is sufficient to reach the work area without difficulty.

Verify that the cutting discs are clean and in perfect condition.

Keep the handle clean and dry.

Check that information and warning signs on Panel Saw remain clean and in good condition (for example, indication of the direction of rotation, etc.). Take a look at our panel saw menu for more information.

Preventive Measures To Take While Using Panel Saw

Work on a stable, clean, level and as horizontal surface as possible. Keep both feet on the ground, keeping balance at all times. 

Do not work in the following situations for 1000 series vertical panel saw: above the shoulders, on stairs, in inaccessible areas, in positions that are too inclined forward or laterally.

Secure the piece to be sawed. Fix the piece on a stable surface (for example, a work table) so that it remains fixed throughout the cut. Use jaws and wooden blocks for this. 

In case of large pieces, take into account the possible fall of the pieces cut from the table, as well as the tilting of the table itself. 

Never hold the part with your hands or feet. 

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Adella Roiet
Adella Roiet Nov 26 '18

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