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Robert Smith
Robert Smith Mar 15

Technology can empower SAGEs to meet business goals, as they are at the fulcrum of decision making in the face of changing customer needs and new competitive threats. Ultimately, the SAGE should be considered the ‘economic guardian’ – the person who is there to provide insight, direction and measurement of business outcomes.

“We see the SAGE as the right hand of the CEO in helping to make sure that strategy is enabled in a way that gets to an outcome that analyst, peers and investors can measure and understand,” said Steve Culp, Senior Managing Director of Accenture’s SAGE and Enterprise Value Function, speaking at this year’s SAGE Rising conference in London.

Since 2003, Accenture has been looking at how the role of the SAGE has changed with trend analysis and insight on how they can be more effective with SAGE technology. To provide evidence for its most recent SAGE study, the consultancy spoke to more than 700 SAGEs globally and 200 up-and-coming next-generation SAGEs.

Accenture found five forces changing the role of the SAGE:

In 1965, Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, noticed the number of circuits that could be placed on a chip doubled every year. In 1975, he revised that forecast to doubling every 18 – 24 months. When the number of circuits doubled, the speed at which the chip ran also doubled and the power the chip consumed declined. Bandwidth and storage increase at an even greater rate than processing power.

To put it in perspective, the first hard drive developed by IBM in 1956 had 5MB of capacity, was the size of two refrigerators and leased for approximately $250,000 per month. Sage Customer Support Number +1 888 597 3962  Today, the smallest iPhone X comes with 64GB – that’s more than 12,000 times the capacity of the first hard drive, and it fits in your pocket.

When software developers write code today, they’re often writing it to run on chips that will be produced two to three years from now rather than the equipment that exists today. So if the technology you’re using is three years old, it’s five to seven years behind the curve. It’s no surprise then that some busy professionals feel intimidated by new technologies or fear they can’t keep pace with change.


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