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tujue Apr 23 '19
Whether young or old Wholesale Gustav Forsling Jersey , a little occasional male organ pain is a fact of life for most men. It may be related to a sports injury or a urinary tract infection or some other reason, but even guys who are obsessive about their member health may experience the odd manhood pain now and then. If the cause of that pain is interstitial cystitis, however, the pain may be lingering and require a visit to the doctor.

What is interstitial cystitis?

Medical professionals love difficult-to-pronounce (and remember) names, so it may help to think of interstitial cystitis by its other name, bladder pain syndrome. The bladder, of course, is one of the primary components of the urinary tract. It’s a hollow muscular organ that serves as a storage unit for urine after it has been filtered by the kidneys. It can hold between 10 and 17 fluid ounces – and when it gets full, a person knows it by the pronounced need to urinate. When a man gets to the bathroom and is ready to urinate, his brain gives the signal so the bladder can send the urine to the urethra and from there to the outside world.

Interstitial cystitis is said to occur when something affects the proper functioning of the bladder or the sphincters that control the opening and closing of the pathway to the urethra. However, scientists are not exactly sure what happens to account for this condition.

Among the possible causes of interstitial cystitis are:

• Damaged bladder tissue. If the tissue that forms the bladder is somehow damaged, it makes it easier for an irritant in the urine to sink into the tissue and cause infection or inflammation.

• The presence of mast cells. A mast cell is a kind of white blood cell. It is an active component of the body’s immune system. Occasionally a mast cell (or cells) in the bladder may release too many histamines, a compound which in large quantities may prove irritating to the bladder.

• An autoimmune response. For reasons unknown, the body’s immune system may “misread” signals and start attacking a part of the body, such as the bladder, under the mistaken assumption that the bladder is harming the body.

• Neurological changes. These changes in the nerve system result in a normal activity, such as the bladder filling or emptying, creating pain in over-sensitized nerve endings.

Male organ pain

Although interstitial cystitis is based in the bladder, in some cases it can create symptoms that extend further along the urinary tract. The member or sacks are especially vulnerable in this regard. The male organ pain most often occurs when urinating, but in some instances it may also occur as the bladder fills and the need to urinate grows greater.


The exact course of treatment varies from patient to patient, but often includes lifestyle changes (such as cutting down on citrus fruits, alcohol, etc.); use of specific oral medications; and occasional injected medications. In rare and extreme cases, surgery may be required.

A doctor will recommend the appropriate method for treating male organ pain due to cystitis, but keeping the manhood healthy will help. Regular use of a first class member health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) is an excellent step in this direction. Making sure the male organ skin is well moisturized and vital can ease some manhood soreness, so select a crème with both a high-end emollient like Shea butter and a natural hydrating agent like vitamin E. In addition, proper blood flow helps oxygenate the member, and a crème with L-arginine can be an aid here. L-arginine is an amino acid that helps keep manhood blood vessels open and receptive to blood flow.

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