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Mike Apr 23
I have the system. And it does work well considering the initial investment. You would be surprised the amount of dust and junk that comes out of the duct work. When calculating the cost remember that you will need a very good air compressor. Additionally there will be vents that you wont be able to do with the provided cover and will have to make your own or figure out a work around. Actually that is pretty easy - cardboard, towels - whatever will do the job.  Check it here

When I do the work I normally make well over a hundred an hour. We find that it is an easy add on service for move ins. Normally the scheduler of the job just mentions that we do it after they have booked the carpet cleaning and that since we are already there we can wave the set up fee.  

Here's the rub - I have allergies and cleaning out the ducts puts me down for the count for the rest of the day. So personally I don't care to do it, so I have considered selling it - just haven't gotten around to it. Perhaps I'll through it up on ebay with the compressor in the next couple of weeks.

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