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ylq Apr 24 '19
Say goodbye to 2016, and bid farewell to this half junior high school, half high school life, look back in 2016, we have all shuttled in the gap of time, time flows like water, and this year, the water-like life is very special alternating In the hot summer, I walked out of the gate of Qizhou No. 7 Middle School and stepped into the new campus that I dreamed of. The new environment, the new teachers, the new classmates, everything is brand new, leaving the past, looking to the future, facing the new Life is full of expectations for a few days of school, lonely, sorrow eroding my heart, uncomfortable bedroom life, very little sleep time, piles of homework and the fear of strange environment makes me sigh all day long I complained about how boring life in high school is. It is so far away from the imagination. I don��t know when, my complaints are less, and my relationship with my classmates is getting more and more harmonious. I am proud of being in this class. Proud: There is a class teacher who cares for us like a mother, lives in such a good class, and has two consecutive mathematics average grades. We all do it. Choi! We won the group championship on the sports field. We laughed. In the 129 event Wholesale Ciggarettes, we applauded for our hard work. We are a group. We have become an inseparable group. The most memorable is not when we win the championship. The joy Cheap Newport 100 Cigarettes Free Shipping, the hardship of sweat, but the special night spent at the base, singing on the bus, talking and laughing in the zoo, weeding, singing, dancing, archery, all this Become a bridge between our hearts and hearts. The surrounding atmosphere became hot, following the squad's rhythm Buy Cheap Newports, even at night, there was no star, but under the bonfire, we seemed to be in the galaxy. Around the sun, we held hands and laughed at the night sky. I think that even if we want to separate in the future Cheap Marlboro 100S Cigarettes, we will not feel lonely, because we look up and still look at the starry sky. My world is very small, but my life is rich and colorful. When I came to the cold, I stepped into the campus of the high school in the autumn wind, and bid farewell to the seven schools I could not give up. The special environment, special classmates, special teachers Cigarettes For Sale Wholesale, everything is so special, leave 2016, look forward to 2017, Holding the nostalgia for 2016, I will live a wonderful life! 

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