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ylq Apr 24 '19
The sun shone a long glow through the panes and dyed the floor and the bed into a golden color. The golden light of the eyes stimulated Shen Xi��s sight. Shen Xi��s gaze extended toward the direction of the halo... The window was silent, the branches and leaves of the white orchid swayed in the breeze, and a yellow leaf swayed in the air like a drunken wine in the leaves and Falling between the leaves and falling down! Is the pursuit of the roots? The distraction of the branches? Or the passion of the leaves? In the meditation Cheap Cigarettes Newports, Shen Xi��s "Sophie's Choice" fell on the bed and disturbed her thoughts. She seems to understand the laws of nature in the universe. Not insisting on nature is the best cherish for everything. But there is still some loss--the conflict between her utopian society and the real world. Although she understands the truth, her mood is still a little depressed, and her sentiment is inadvertently inadvertently. A leaf makes the scene of Christmas day come to the fore. That is a trivial matter that is very common between two familiar people. But she feels that the little things can glimpse the essence of things. This starts with her simple and unclear relationship with Su Shi. She fell in love with Su Shi but did not confirm whether Su Shi loved her. During the one-year stop-and-go, her fragile heart has just experienced a small trauma Su Shi--a person who has great love, humor, sensibility, contradiction, fickleness, and preparedness is very busy without a Sunday. , a famous authoritative expert in the professional field. I have tested all the exams and post-experiences in the Chinese education system. I am proud, sensitive, and lacking in security... The emotional Marxist, why is he a Marxist? The West has a long history. The pessimistic tradition says that love can only be a kind of Marxist executor without repayment. The reason why desire does not die is because love can never be rewarded. According to this view, love is only a direction, when the goal is reached, there is no drama. The so-called goal is the possession of the spirit or the body. Therefore, the more the love of Shen Xi is, the more the love of Su Shi is reduced. However, Shen Xi is not a Marxist. She still stays in the care and respect between a doctor and a patient. The direction of entering this life with this habit and irrationality gradually shifted. Shen Xi was Su Shi��s patient who attracted her in the process of seeing a doctor��s humor and personality. Her temperament also attracted him. Perhaps because the lover's needs precede the appearance of the lover, the appearance of the lover is after the love of someone's needs, the thirst for love shapes the characteristics of the lover, and the desire to be embodied in them. So their encounter is bound to have a story... Shen Xi --- A heart is arrogant and willing to be alone and waiting for her ideal person. But the more beautiful the sentence, the later it is. She is very small in the house, and there are very few people interested in her. Su Shi��s traits have attracted her, and it probably contains the trust and dependence of patients on the doctor. In Su Shi, she looked at her eyes and her attitude towards her (but she still hasn't figured out Su Shi's love for her in addition to the doctor's care for the patient, is there any naked love?), slowly she fell in love with him. This result has the initial concealment of Su Shi's own identity and her misunderstanding. She thinks this is fate. Can Susie's various concerns be fully invested? He hopes to have a close relationship with her, but not too much responsibility. Although she longs for a stable and responsible relationship, she knows that work has made him very tired. She chooses to ignore and advise��either accept or leave Cheap Smokes Online Free Shipping. In the spiritual world where only arable land is available, she seems to want to make a muddy road into a garden! She wants to have a spiritual blood relationship with him, but he gives her a long distance. She wants to catch and can't hold it and can't let it go... Sometimes it's sometimes a little nervous. When Su Shi told her that she had gone to the snowy mountains for two days, Shen Xi suddenly had a kind of loss. This is the journey he had planned for her, and she was hesitant because of her feelings and expenses. She feels that it is Christ's love with Su Shi, and she has to spend a lot of money on her. She is not a religious Christian. The love of Christ always brings her heart and alienation. Although he does not care, although she longs to be together. She is still uneasy! She has the idea of ??self-care and is afraid to pull away the distance and feeling. She contradicted, and she told Su Shi about this contradiction, hoping to hear the words that made her feel good. But he is the mentality and mode of thinking she understands? She feels that the distance from Su Shi is gradually drifting away, and she wants to reverse the chaos (the facts are more and more chaotic). She is as beautiful as she is, regardless of the rabies vaccine skin blackening, willing to see him wherever he wants. Under the offensive of her spoiled tyrants, he contradicted and refused. The appointment that he had hoped for at Christmas together was finally fulfilled. She is happy to have a lot of snacks in the car like a little girl, to talk about leisure time. After meeting, he found that he didn't seem to have any mood. After a few hours Cheap Wholesale Newport Cigarettes, her joy and beauty collapsed. Her utopian society also collapsed! She is sad, sad is not his fickle emotions; but she makes him so emotional! She is a person with a degree of relaxation, connotation, self-cultivation, noble soul, and inner pride. She wants to stay with him for a while Marlboro Red Shorts Carton, so I want to go farther. The promise and change of the dimension is the tears of the feelings? She is not willing to accept and face the reality of being disgusted. She feels that she does not have the slogan of Sangu and Liupo, nor the vulgarity of the vulgarity. Why is it that he is irritated? Of course, she also knows that he is not a pawn of the city, Bai Dingfu. Because of this, she felt particularly surprised. But this is not so harmonious, beautiful and true. After all the sad and emotional tears, she calmly returned to Su Shi��s message -- she wants to adjust herself. She once said that when she was sad, she would be fine. Yes! What is this? Isn't it an unbalanced mentality? It may be better to adjust it. People who walked through the night don't believe in the legend of ghosts! Dry tears are celebrated for being disgusted by yourself! The two poles of things -- happy and sad have strong powers, and she turned this power into food. After eating a drink in the sea, he had a fierce protest in the stomach. He had a stomachache and fever that night, but this is nothing to be said about her usual things. The body's self-healing function is very powerful, and normal body temperature has been restored in two days. At the moment, the face with a halo is a bit stunned, but calm and indifferent in her standard goose face and Peugeot's facial features exude a calm and elegant charm Wholesale Ciggarettes. After the fever, the body was a little weak. She leaned softly against the edge of the bed like a feminine sculpture. A pair of clear and melancholy eyes fell thoughtfully at a point and seemed to be faint... She suddenly sat up straight and made a lovely expression, an idea rushing in her mind, she brought the notebook The finger jumped on the key... It seemed to find an exit for the emotion that

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