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juzi524 Apr 25 '19
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Number two is that you are always consistent, and number three is that you make sure what you want the dog to do is obvious to the dog. While you can seek the advice of professionals in your own area for a plethora of training tips these should help you get by until you need to do more advanced training with your Weimaraner.

Have A Ball!The first training tip for you and your Weimaraner is that you have fun with the training sessions. You might try a number of different training techniques, but you should use all of them with a good attitudes and be light of heart while working with your dog. If you are not enjoying yourself, then your dog won't be having fun either, and probably won't be paying attention to you as much as you hope.

Training time is also getting to know you and bond with you time for dog and handler. You need to make sure that this is quality time. If you do that then you'll get the best reward for your time in that your dog will behave just as you want.Consistency Is ImportantIt is important to stay persistent while you are training the dog. That's your second big tip for training Weimaraners.

Being consistent means repeating the same exercise or command as often as possible till your dog understands the new behavior being asked for. If you try one training metho9d and then switch to another your dog will get confused. You can't expect good results if you aren't consistent. The dog needs to understand what the desired behavior is and he will only learn to perform that behavior on cue when you have repeated the training and rewarded him for proper performance many times.

Learn How You Can Create Perfect Game BackupsBe Really ClearThe third Weimaraner training tip is to make your intentions clear to your dog. If your dog doesn't understand what you want it to do, it can become confused and not do as you are asking. While this can be frustrating to you, remember it's upsetting for the dog as well since it wants to please you and doesn't understand why you're not happy with it.The best thing to do is make sure you show the dog exactly what you want it to do. Place his paw into your own hand to show him what shaking is. Reiterate this action as much as you need to.When you follow these Weimaraner training tips you'll find your dog is trained easily and quickly, as well as developing a great relationship with each other because of the bonding that occurs during the quality training time you have with it.

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