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Stop Using the Economy as an Excuse!

By blaming the economy for the decline in your business, you will Hitting The Domain Name Jackpot miss out on the opportunity to build an organization that can sustain itself and thrive in any economic climate...

Leaders are using the Phantasmat: Behind The Mask Collector's Edition economy as an excuse on a daily basis. Don't believe me? Just ask your managers why now it's okay to lay-off those employees who haven't come close to meeting their performance objectives over the past several years. Perhaps your company could have avoided lay-offs if the entire team How To Dissolve And Pass Kidney Naturally With Herbal Remedies? had been operating on all four cylinders. This is just one example of how companies are using the economy as an excuse for poor decisions. Here are some others.

Poor planning

You can blame employees for a lot of things. However, at some point you have to take responsibility Phantasmat: Behind The Mask Collector's Edition for what is in your control. Here's an example. Have you ever heard of a fast food restaurant that sells only pizzas, at an airport location, Does God Love You? running out of food at 3:00 PM? According to those employees staffing the counter, this is not an uncommon occurrence. So who is to blame? Certainly not the people who are popping the frozen pizzas into the convection oven.

This is a planning and inventory problem. Not an economic problem. However, if you look at this company's declining earnings and recent interviews you will hear them say that business is down because less people are going out for pizza. Maybe less people are eating their pizza because there is no food to be had. Is this really the way to increase profits in a down economy?

Creating new expectations

Everything appears to be on sale these days. It has gotten to the point where people will not make purchases unless there is a discount associated with the price. Phantasmat: Behind The Mask Collector's Edition Is this really the fault of the economy? Or have businesses created an expectation among customers and clients that has created this new reality?

What if you were to offer a product or service that people felt was worth the purchase price, regardless of what this number was? What would that mean in terms of increased revenue and profitability? In spite of the economy, people are still purchasing luxury vehicles and are patronizing restaurants where they perceive the experience is worth the money spent. Customers are choosing cool electronic equipment over cheaper less innovative products.

Stop blaming the economy and start looking at your offerings. Are they appealing? Are you creating "must have" products and services? Are you providing consistent service? Are people invested in your product or service? Or have they moved over to you because you are the cheapest guy in Phantasmat: Behind The Mask Collector's Edition town?

Improving your people

Companies used the excuse that there was no time to invest in performance improvement programs when the economy was humming. Now many of these Juice Fasting - The Most Excellent Resolution to Your Own Excessive Weight companies have nothing but time on their hands. Would this have been the case if they had provided training for their leaders on how to effectively manage through periods of change?

These organizations can emerge from this recession even stronger than where they were before the decline. How? How for you to Apparent Acne breakouts Themsleves In a hurry - This Right Matters toward Discontinue Cystic acne in Its Tracks & Keep Destiny Breakouts By preparing their organization for the recovery. This means investing in the training and development of What to do if Your Scalp is Inflamed managers and those individual contributors who are on the front lines with customers.

It certainly is a heck of a lot easier to Phantasmat: Behind The Mask Collector's Edition blame the economy for the decline in your business. But by doing so, Why Reducing Lactose Intake May Alleviate Ibs Symptoms you will miss out on the opportunity to build an organization that can sustain itself and thrive in any economic climate.



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