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McGregor's fight against "Cowboy" Cerrone. Why is it good

McGregor's fight against "Cowboy" Cerrone. Why is it good

Earlier this month at UFC Fight Night 139, Donald Cerrone returned with a historic victory. "Cowboy" finished with Mike Perry's armbar and set a UFC record for the most wins in history-21. After that, Donald challenged Conor McGregor. In principle, the usual thing, superstars regularly receive calls from fighters with a lower rank. However, in this case, it makes sense to arrange a fight.

Fans, of course, will ask questions. Why Would Conor Want A Cowboy? After all, for him this is a dangerous option with a fighter outside the top 5 lightweights and this pair does not look like a typical main event PPV, no titles at stake can be out of the question. Besides, is it worth discussing now, when McGregor is facing a potential suspension?

McGregor fans don't need to worry too much about the Nevada state Athletic Commission's decision, they're not going to chop off the head of a Golden egg-laying hen. They will probably punish him somehow for his participation in the fight after the fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov, but it is unlikely that he will suffer serious punishment.

The most important thing is that a lot of people like the idea of Conor fighting against "Cowboy". Yes, Cerrone may be a danger to the Irishman, but Conor is not Ronda rousey, he does not get depressed after failures and does not run to hide from everyone after that. McGregor is one of those who, no matter what happens, always wants to come back stronger and immediately rush to perform the most daring tasks. It was this character that pushed him to become the first ever UFC champion in two divisions at the same time, and then make the bold decision to try his luck in a Boxing match against Floyd Mayweather for the sum of 8 zeros. These qualities have led many people to believe that he is able to cope with such a beast as Khabib Nurmagomedov, despite the almost two-year absence from MMA.

But the reality did not meet the expectations of the whiskey seller's supporters. At the moment, McGregor has suffered one – sided defeats in two of his biggest fights of his career-Floyd and Habib. Conor used to be able to predict the future, but now his magic halo has disappeared and there is no longer any certainty that he will confirm his words with deeds.

McGregor is in a bad situation. It is very important for him to win his next fight. Absolutely necessary. Otherwise, the end of the brilliant, but short-lived "McGregor Era in MMA"will come. So he needs a simpler opponent with a comfortable style. But not an outright "homeless", the fans don't buy outright, and the raiders, it must be competitive vis-a-vis.

It's all about Cerrone. On paper, he doesn't look like a hopeless underdog. The "Cowboy" can have its moments and it doesn't bury the intrigue. His exciting style and desire to exchange blows will contribute to the fact that the fight with McGregor was held in a stand to the delight of the fans. So there should be no problems with PPV sales. McGregor himself is a magnet for fan attention, and there is also a rival who has his own fan base, ready to compete in a stand-up game. Donald looks like a second-tier fighter, but he can cause you damage in almost any aspect of the fight. If you're not careful, he can beat you up.

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