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This is something that should have been addressed much sooner

This is something that should have been addressed much sooner

When overdrive came out 12, EA started fresh with a Madden nfl 21 coins brand new program and everything carried over. Some of us really care about championships and have been together since 1. EA is doing this because they do and isn't ready to release this program. Toe-tapping is the only thing but seems to exist as your recipients will stay alongside sideline for a couple of seconds there is not any cartoon for this.

You tried to tell us before the field pass. What about the folks like myself that have been holding onto madden cash over the last few months? This is something that should have been addressed much sooner. "Not an option we chose to neglect" is not an excuse when EA has a large number of tools available to be able to provide players who've spent money on Madden NFL 21 any sort of reimbursement heading into the new year. You can not honestly expect us to think that EA is players that currently hold Madden Cash and are unable to compensate them in some manner in the 21 season. Wonder how my credit card company would manage a charge back to the money I spent for the madden money I be losing going into next season.

The console versions don't continue to provide items that are fresh to you after the new version comes out. While it's present, if you're not spending the money, why would you invest it if it is older? And who frankly goes back and plays with with old sports Madden NFL when they have newer versions? If MM had consistently worked the same manner, you'd have a point. As it sounds, with MC always shifting, then today, all of the sudden a statement 7 or so weeks before the season finishes that it won't...I would say it is reasonable to be upset about it.

The whole"that is how it's always been" criticism is that the worst. It is your fault since you assumed you can use it for purchasing money. And 7 months is a very long time, and with Madden nfl 21 being a new program, they are keeping Madden nfl 20 up and operating, so it will be longer than that. We'll just have to disagree, then. I didn't state it was the argument just a reasonable one. Okay with me if you don't agree.

Community vs Madden NFL 20

Would you settle for that? EA was touted for its"first measure of advancement" by every gambling critic and review site for the last decade. We're well beyond them having to make the fans to support. If they need people to purchase a"brand new" game for full price they need to put the effort in to make it a new sport, maybe not last year's with a new skin of paint and a couple of minor changes in our favorite sport mode. That type of settling is exactly what EA thrives off because like you're happy with what they have done, they do the minimum amount of work and then say players. Fuck that. Overhaul Madden NFL 21 and put in buy mut coins madden 21 the job for once in their own lives.
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