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I definitely do not deserve such high praise myself

I definitely do not deserve such high praise myself

So thanks, Jagex. Whatever you did with this one, you did it correctly, and I can't wait for RS gold Leagues

Forthos dungeon was extremely cool for what it was, hallowed sepulchre is the very fun agility (possibly skilling) method from the game, and leagues II is being almost universally praised, rightfully. God damn man you're on fire, and so is everyone else included on these projects. It's a fantastic time to play with OSRS.

Aw thanks! I definitely do not deserve such high praise myself since it is not just me working on these upgrades, there is an entire awesome team behind them aswell working together and together we can make this awesome content

Is the team open to rebalancing hints a little this league? I believe if they were slightly buffed for everyone and then buffed a little bit extra for people who shot treasure seeker it might reduce people's frustrations about not having the ability to finish higher tier clues.

My thought was to earn clue steps in your unlocked places something like 33 percent more likely to occur for many players, then something like 66-75% more likely for those who shot treasure seeker. The amounts could be tweaked.

It should not be this hard to finish hard or even moderate clues, if that is by juggling 6+ clues or performing them hitting and normally a measure that is not possible to complete and having to drop it.

As much as I'd really like to have seen clues being reworked, what you're suggesting is really quite hard. Jagex had mentioned they did not region-lock clues as it is quite a tedious endeavor. Each clue doesn't possess a'area' attached to it, so some poor soul would need to sift through each hint step and assign it a region (and likely must take into consideration any region-locked things as well). Seeing as how we watched some Zeah hints making it into the game after they'd pushed an update to eliminate them, it is very likely that it is just a tricky undertaking to buy rsgp paypal do given the crazy number of clue steps (and for each tier as well).
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